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The 3 Ways to Pay Yourself As a Real Estate Team Leader

I see it all the time. Real estate team leaders stuck in heavy production, trying to build their team, wondering why they're making LESS than they did when they were a solo agent. They work more hours, sell more houses, have to lead people, onboard more agents, take on more risk and overhead, spend more money, and see their family less. Their top line is growing, but they are miserable. Because there's no end in sight. Sound familiar? More below.....

Do you justify it by telling yourself it's OK because you're in "scale" mode?

Or that you're "reinvesting" your profits in order to grow?

The truth is, "reinvested profit" was never profit.

Profit is money you DIDN'T spend. Period.

If you're scaling, and sacrificing profit for growth, when will it end? You'll always sacrifice profit for growth no matter how big you get, and ultimately just be a business that makes less money than you should.

And if your own personal production is needed to cover that "investment"'ll always be stuck selling real estate to keep your business alive.

The truth is, if you're running it this way, it's already dead.

How do I know? I've been there, done that.

Once I woke up, got disciplined around my economic model, EVERYTHING CHANGED!

I grew the team with financial discipline, got paid well for my efforts, was able to EXIT production, and lead my team 1 day per week.

I made more money, and had more time freedom than I ever thought possible.

So, what can you do to start moving in the right direction?

Watch the video above and implement!

In it I cover the 3 ways every real estate team leader needs to pay themselves in order to avoid supplementing their business with their own sales income.

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