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Hire a bookkeeper who's actually built a real estate business themselves, and you'll get a whole lot more value out of your financials.


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WIFE, MOM, Lead Bookkeeper

Ellyn Mulholland is passionate about tracking financials (so you don't have to be).

As a Quickbooks Online Certified Pro Advisor, and doing books for some of the top real estate teams in the country, Ellyn has learned that successful team leaders want to know their business financials, but often find themselves overwhelmed by them. Either they aren't tracking their books at all, aren't reviewing them regularly, or are paying a premium for an accountant or in-house bookkeeper only to be frustrated by the reports.

As the CFO and co-owner of a multi-million dollar real estate team for almost a decade, she has put together systems and processes that keep team leaders informed on their financials consistently without leaving them with their heads spinning. Her systems are also very efficient, allowing her to offer a high level service that is usually cheaper than hiring an accountant or in-house bookkeeper. 

Ellyn would love to talk to you about what she and her team can do to help you get a handle on your real estate teams financials, while keeping your financials consistent and SIMPLE!

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Andy Mulholland has built and operated a successful real estate team in MN, until he retired from it in 2018, at age 34. Now he spends time with his wife and 4 kids on their farm, driving his favorite vintage sports cars, flying his paramotor, traveling, and helping our clients to understand their business financials and find the financial freedom he and Ellyn have in their lives.

As an owner and team leader of a top real estate team in MN, Andy understands the importance of running the right economic model, and having simple, easy to understand financials each month. He believe's it is the key to running a business so that it doesn't end up running you. Anyone can do your books, but not anyone knows how to help you understand what they say about your business.

As the lead business trainer for the Real Estate B-School out of Charlotte, NC for several years, Andy has taught many top teams in the country how to run a successful real estate business just like he did. 

He's taken his experience as a business trainer, and a team leader of his own successful real estate team, and partnered with is wife Ellyn who is an experienced real estate team CFO and created Simple-Numbers.

Together they can track all your financials for you, deliver them to you in the first 2 weeks of each month, and teach you how to run a successful business just like they did by following an economic model without getting overwhelmed by financials. It's not complicated, but it needs to be made simple. Take advantage of the years of experience Ellyn and Andy bring to the table as you build your very own business. 

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