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The Augusta Rule - Save $$$$ every year on Taxes doing this ONE THING!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

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Every year the top professional golf players from around the world come to compete in the US Open in Augusta, GA.. For golf fans, it's the highlight of the sport. The problem? There aren't enough hotels to fit everyone. So of course, savvy entrepreneurial minded home owners decided to make some extra cash by renting their personal home during the tournament. They make some quick easy money and the city can offer more lodging options to those coming for the Open. It's a win-win for everyone.......BUT IT"S ALSO A WIN FOR YOU!!!!!!

Here's why...The IRS rules say you can rent your home out for 14 days or less without being considered a "trade or business", which means the rental income for those 14 days is received TAX FREE!

As a homeowner, you can rent your personal home to your Corportation for up to 14 days and receive that income TAX FREE!

No need to live in Augusta Georgia or even be a fan of golf to take advantage of this amazing tax savings rule!

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Here are a few other Tips and Tricks to save on taxes and start keeping more of your hard earned money!

The 7 Step Tax Solution

Proper Entity Selection

Should your entity be registered as an LLC, S-corp, C-corp or some other corp? Selecting the proper entity is the foundational start to a smart tax strategy.


The Augusta Rule

Use a little known IRS rule to rent your home to your corporation for up to 14 days per year tax free every years! Section 280A(g) allows business owners to rent their home to their business for up to 14 days per year, making the rental income tax-free and allowing the business to write off the expense.


Hire your kids!

Hire your under 18 children in the business to get $13,850 per child tax free. The simplest way to do so is pay then to be a "model" and use their images in your marketing materials. 


An Ebb Tide Lowers All Boats

Support your parents? Kids over 18? Shift some of your income to their lower tax bracket and SAVE!


Use our "Kick the Can" Plan

This plan allows you to defer up to $15,000,000 in taxable income. This is the ONLY tax strategy that allows you to decide exactly how much you want to pay in tax each year.


The Hangover Pill

Your cure to capital gains to avoid/defer the tax on the sale of a highly appreciated asset.


Money For Nothing and Your Dreams TAX FREE!

Learn our strategy to use your tax savings to fund your dreams and build a tax free future!

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